Site accessiblity

Laura Good accessibility

Web site accessibility means allowing visitors to access your content without impediment. Guidelines are issued by bodies such as the Royal National Institute of the Blind, as well as legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act, with which all UK organisations must now comply.

By making your content accessible, you remove technical barriers which makes it much easier to access your site for other platforms such as mobile phones, television and handheld devices

How can good accessibility help you?

Having a site that is user friendly is not only good for the visitor, it makes good business sense. It's not just about achieving the highest accessibility ratings, it's about making sure your site meets all of your visitors' needs.

This in turn means making sure you look at the site and the user experience from the visitors' perspective.

Contact Macroweb for a free accessibility audit and to discuss how we can help.

  • Your site will be easier to maintain and faster to update;
  • Your message will reach more people, more cost-effectively;
  • Any business applications built to these standards will be more Future-proof which will be as usable on future devices as it is on today's and yesterday's devices;
  • In most cases, your site's pages will be faster to load as the code behind them is more efficient;
  • Easier and more intuitive for your customers to use;
  • Improved indexing by Search Engines.

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